DKAL Engine General Information

Before proceeding and starting to make changes to the DKAL engine code, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Implementation Language

DKAL is primarily implemented in F#, a succinct, expressive and efficient functional and object-oriented language for .NET. If you're not familiar with F# we suggest you do some preliminary reading and learning before you start with DKAL.

F# is fully supported in Visual Studio starting from the 2010 version. F# can also be compiled outside of Visual Studio using a previously released standalone compiler which we haven't tried (and probably never will).


There are two prerequisites before you proceed with the developer documentation.
  1. Read the DKAL user documentation. It is mainly targeted at people that want to use DKAL as a policy language (as opposed to people who want to develop DKAL further), but it contains a lot of information on how DKAL source code is obtained and compiled, how the concrete syntax is and how to run the examples, among other things. It will therefore be assumed as read in the rest of the developer documentation.
  2. In particular, pay particular attention to the user documentation section on compiling DKAL. You will find all the necessary information on how to set up your environment in order to compile DKAL.

Background Theory

It shouldn't be strictly necessary for you to learn some theory about DKAL before proceeding, but it wouldn't hurt either! We suggest you visit our section on suggested reading.

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