Logic Engines

DKAL have the following logic engines:
  • "simple" - prolog-like engine with some simple 2nd order infon logic support. linear but incomplete.
  • based on Propositional Primal Infon Logic (complexity in propositional case):
    • BPIL = Basic Primal Infon Logic. Linear.
    • SPIL = BPIL + Conjunctions as sets. Implementations:
      • SPIL - randomized algorithm. Linear on average for all inputs. (SPILrnd)
      • SPILsufarr - deterministic algorithm based on suffix arrays. O(depth*length) worst case time complexity.
      • SPILhash - deterministic algorithm based on hashing. Linear on average.
    • TPIL - BPIL + transitive rule. Quadratic time complexity.
    • TSPIL - SPIL + transitive tule. Cubic time complexity.
  • UFOL - allows for expressions in the universal fragment of first order logic. Negation and disjunction are allowed, but be aware that failure to infer a given formula is not equivalent to ability to infer its negation. In the same tone, ability to infer a disjunction is not equivalent to ability to infer any of its disjuncts.
  • datalog - the datalog engine takes advantage of Propositional Primal Infon Logic translation to Datalog, and it employs Z3's datalog solver as backend.

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