Router Module

This module defines the following types:

IPrincipalAddress Type

Empty interface to be used by any type that is used to represent a principal address/location. It can be a URL, a name, etc.

IRoutingTable Type

Interface implemented by routing tables. A routing table knows the name of the current principal and his/her address. It also knows how to locate any other principal.


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
bool HasPrincipal string Returns true only if the given principal name is known
bool AddPrincipal string, IPrincipalAddress Adds the given principal and address to the routing table
IPrincipalAddress PrincipalAddress string Returns the principal address of the given known principal


Return type Property name Description
string Me Name of the current principal
IPrincipalAddress MyAddress Address of the current princiapl
string list Principals List of all kwown principals names


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