Router.Local Module

This module defines the following types:

LocalMailer Type

A LocalMailer is a central hub used to communicate several principals that run in the same computer. Each principal suscribes an inbox function, which is invoked by the LocalMailer whenever a message for that principal needs to be delivered


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
unit AddCallback int, unit -> unit Adds a callback that will be invoked when the total number of exchanged messages among all principals reaches the specified target amount
unit SetPrincipalInbox string, ITerm -> ITerm -> unit Adds a principal to the LocalMailer, specifying its callback inbox function that will be invoked passing the message as first argument and the sender principal as second argument
unit SendMessage ITerm, ITerm, string Sends the given message from the given principal (second argument) to the given destination principal (third argument)


Return type Property name Description
string list Principals Returns the list of known principal names


LocalRoutingTable Type

A SimpleRoutingTable contains information about the current principal's name and address as well as the names and addresses of all the other principals known

Implemented Interfaces

  • IRoutingTable

LocalRouter Type

The LocalRouter provides a IRouter interface for several principals that run in different threads in the same physical computer. Communication is performed in memory by means of AST (with no serialization)

Implemented Interfaces

  • IRouter


Return type Property name Description
LocalMailer LocalMailer Returns the LocalMailer on which this LocalRouter is suscribed


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