Router.Simple Module

This module defines the following types:

ServiceAddress Type

An IPrincipalAddress implementation that uses strings to hold the address of the principal service. The string contains the URL of the listening side of the web-service running the principal service

Implemented Interfaces

  • IEquatable<ServiceAddress>
  • IStructuralEquatable
  • IComparable<ServiceAddress>
  • IComparable
  • IStructuralComparable
  • IPrincipalAddress


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
int CompareTo ServiceAddress
int CompareTo Object
int CompareTo Object, IComparer
int GetHashCode IEqualityComparer
int GetHashCode
bool Equals Object, IEqualityComparer
bool Equals ServiceAddress
bool Equals Object


Return type Property name Description
string Location


SimpleRoutingTable Type

A SimpleRoutingTable contains information about the current principal's name and address as well as the names and addresses of all the other principals known

Implemented Interfaces

  • IRoutingTable


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
static SimpleRoutingTable FromXml string Constructs a RoutingTable from an XML file


IPrincipalService Type

IPrincipalService provides an interface for exposing an inbox web service that other principals can use to leave us messages.


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
unit ReceiveMessage string, string, string This operation is invoked by other principals when the want to leave us a message.


PrincipalService Type

PrincipalService implements the IPrincipalService interface and is initialized with a callback messageProcessingFunc that is invoked every time a new message arrives.

Implemented Interfaces

  • IPrincipalService

ConnectionsHandler Type

A ConnectionHandler is responsible for creating and keeping connections to every other principal that is known. It's also in charge of keeping a running IPrincipalService to receive message from the outside


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
unit StartServer Initializes the server-side host
unit StartClients Initializes the client-side channels (and factories)
unit StopServer Stops the server-side host
unit StopClients Stops the client-side channels
unit Send string, string Sends a message to the given principal by invoking the proper channel


SimpleRouter Type

The SimpleRouter provides a IRouter interface by means of web services. A RoutingTable is constructed by reading the XML from the given routingFile. A ConnectionsHandler instance is used to do the actual sending and receiving of messages. Infon ITerms are serialized and deserialized using the given IParser and IPrinter implementations.

Implemented Interfaces

  • IRouter

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