Substrate Module

This module defines the following types:

SubstrateDispatcher Type

Dispatch queries to substrate across substrate implementations


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
static ISubstitution seq Solve ISubstrateQueryTerm seq, ISubstitution seq Solve the given queries, invoking the necessary substrates, considering all possible substitutions. Return more specialized substitutions (if successful)
static bool AreConsistentUpdates ISubstrateUpdateTerm seq Returns true if the given updates can be consistently applied among different substrates. It delegates the problem to each substrate
static bool Update ISubstrateUpdateTerm seq Applies all the given updates by delegating them to each responsible substrate. Returns true if at least one change was produced


DummySubstrateQueryTerm Type

A DummySubstrateQueryTerm wraps an ITerm and adds a namespace. All the ITerm operations are delegated to the wrapped ITerm. This construction is useful to implement substrate query terms using the same infrastructure used for infon AST elements (such as Ast.Tree Application nodes).

Implemented Interfaces

  • ITerm
  • ISubstrateQueryTerm
  • ISubstrateTerm


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
string ToString
bool Equals Object
int GetHashCode


Return type Property name Description
ITerm Query The wrapped ITerm containing the actual query


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