Substrate.Xml Module

This module defines the following types:

XmlSubstrateQueryTerm Type

An XPath expression used to query XmlSubstrates

Implemented Interfaces

  • ISubstrateQueryTerm
  • ISubstrateTerm
  • ITerm


Modifiers Return type Method name Method parameters Description
bool Equals Object
int GetHashCode
string ToString


Return type Property name Description
string XPath XPath expression with (optional) input variables encoded as "$VARNAME"
IVar list Vars Input variables used in the XPath expression
IDictionary<string, ITerm> Output Map from result nodes attribute names (or node name in case of "") to output ITerms. If the output term is a variable it gets instantiated; if it is a constant it is compared


XmlSubstrate Type

An XML Substrate is an abstraction of an XML document that can be queried by means of XPath expressions encoded in XmlSubstrateQueryTerms

Implemented Interfaces

  • ISubstrate

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